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Welcome to flakezine, the world's only honest critique of advertising, marketing, and greed gone silly in the world of snowboarding. Each month (or whenever we feel like it) we'll bring all the backstabbing, name-calling, and all-out-lack-of-talent that pervades the beast commonly known as "the industry."

Having worked in said "industry" for many years we discovered that no one was being honest anymore. The magazines nuzzle up to the advertisers to get more cash and the advertisers give the magazines tons of free stuff so the staff will feel bad about criticising the advertisers and be more likely to feature one of the company's riders in the magazine. It's a vicious money-driven circle jerk. And everyone is so busy taking care of their "bros" that no one ever has time to wipe themselves off, step out of the circle, and check out what's really going on. If they did they'd see unadulterated commerce clouded by the "bro-down ho-down." Soul being bought and sold like so much weed. We may not show all the behind-the-scene dealings, but we will call it as we see it, no matter who gets offended. Because, afterall, we're here spread a little joy to the snowboarders of the world. And if that means upsetting a few people, oh well.

So, check out our pages, read them, and then send mail to flakezine@aol.com. We'd like to read what you think about snowboarding, snowboard advertising, or anything else. And if you'd like to contribute send us some goodies.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy our pages.


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