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(December 21, 2016) Wow. We just got a mention in a Yobeat.com Humpday interview with Owner Operator founder Steven Kimura. It's at the very end and we are stoked. Guess we have a new brand to buy. Read it and smile. Damn, it was like 22 years ago. And we're still hand coding our HTML. Guess that makes us an urban, craft, artisanal site.

(October 13, 2014) We smile each time someone stumbles on to this Internet relic and borrows a piece of our creative output to share with the rest of the world. Today, The Atlantic's Sarah Laskow quoted our Sherman Poppen interview in a story titled Snowboarding Was Almost Called 'Snurfing.' Stories like this give us the chance to turn up the old server settings, dust off the HTML, and marvel out how for the this whole online thing has come in the last 20 years.

(April 17, 2006) Someone was here. We're not dead, yet. In fact we just got quoted in an Inc. Magazine profile on Jake Burton Carpenter. Believe it. Check out the 1994 entry on the timeline.

For a reminder of what this site was about back in the early 1994 read this.

(November 16, 1999) Hey! You probably won't believe this, but we just got a super positive review (at least we think it's positive, it's been so long we're beginning to lose our edge, yo) in the tight little Northwest magazine Volcano Mag. Here's what they said about us:

"This is where it's at. Every corporate buttlicker in the snowboard industry needs to live and learn by this site. Humorous, often truthful and seldom dull. This is an internet only 'zine, and is updated whenever they want to. It has been a while - get it together nimrods. Flakezine just made me angry that I write in a magazine that is involved in the snowboard industry - I'm angy they're not paying me anything - I'm angry volcano participates in the very thing Flakezine makes fun of - corporate booty kissin'. . . you smoochy booty mag."

All we can say is, if you're in the Northwest (i.e. Salem, OR and surrounding areas) pick up a copy of Volcano Magazine. And remember to SUPPORT INDEPENDENT BOOTY LICKING PUBLICATIONS!

April 30, 1999:Arnette Sold to Cheesy Italian Eyewear Manufacturer.

Feb. 19, 1999: Terje Haakonsen has announced that he will not be playing in the 2000 Super Bowl. Football fans around the world weep out loud.You must read this story to get the inside scoop.

One thing was added, changed, or corrected here on Feb. 3, 1999, but it was only the date that you just read. Actually, we put everything in this nifty little JAVA scroll box. Click on it to check out all the old Flakezine stories. And again, please help us in welcoming three new sponsors. Does this mean we're a "commercial" site yet?




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